Philosophy in Teaching


In the world of teaching, there are volumes of research on when it’s best to teach a particular skill or subject to a student.

One student might be judged too young to learn, whereas another might be considered too old to take up a new skill or subject.

But teaching in the arts of course, can be very different.  And Flamenco is an especially accessible art form.  It invites and encourages those who love it, to learn more and to participate.  I have always wanted to leverage my experience as an educator, to teach dance.  That is why I have decided to offer Flamenco to both adults and children.  The prerequisite is a strong interest, and an eagerness to learn.  If you learn to love it, you will learn the rhythms and the dance.

In Flamenco, you will often see a juerga (Flamenco party/jam session), where people of various ages, skill levels and experience dance together – All are encouraged to join in and make a contribution.  The juerga, the celebration, is a fitting metaphor for my desire to teach Flamenco.


–Diane Coronado-Campbell