Pricing & Class Cards

All classes, Flamenco, Spanish Classical, or castanet technique, have a drop-in rate of $15.00 an hour. Only the Flamenco Fundamental Technique & Choreography on Saturday mornings, an hour and a half, remains the exception.  That specific class will remain as a $15.00 drop-in rate.

Classical Castanet Classes

All castanet classes regardless of the day, are taught by Gabriela Galvez.  For information regarding her castanet class, requirements, and general questions, please contact her directly at (630)901-2002. Ms. Galvez has monthly castanet class for $50.00.  The card usually consists of 4 hours of castanet class.  The cards may be purchased by her directly. The castanet class card is non-transferrable and expires in a month. Remaining classes expire the day card expires and may not be “banked” for following month. Cash or checks only.

Ritmo Flamenco Studio Classes

Class cards are offered for Flamenco classes, includes technique classes and choreography classes. Class cards are available in 8 and 16 class cards. Ritmo Flamenco Studio cards are valid for 16 weeks from date of purchase and are non-transferrable.

  • 8 class dance card is $95.00 ($11.88 per class)
  • 16 class dance card is $195.00 ($12.88 per class)

A small PayPal transaction fee is added to price should you purchase online.  You may also purchase them at studio by using check or cash.  No transaction fee applies when purchased at studio.

Please feel free to contact Ritmo Flamenco for classes, Private and Semi-Private lessons, and bookings. Diane Coronado-Campbell, (312)217-2331 or Visit us on Facebook for latest information regarding classes.

Class Card Options