A Journey Called: Ritmo Flamenco

I embarked on my journey with Ritmo Flamenco over two years ago.

As a dancer and student, I was feeling uninspired, stifled and frustrated. But as a Flamenco teacher, I rediscovered my inspiration. I had so much more to learn from my own students. It is said that the best way to discover or master any discipline is to teach it to someone else – That was a revelation, and that is when Ritmo Flamenco was born.

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Oh! that is ME.

When I was a little girl, about six years old, my parents moved to Venezuela. One of my first memories there was of my Halloween costume. My grandma Elena made it from scrap material. It was a gypsy dress with vivid colors and ruffles on the skirt. She curled my hair, put her long necklaces and big round earrings on me and said, “Mija, you are the most beautiful gypsy in town. Hold this tambourine and dance.” So I did.