A Journey Called: Ritmo Flamenco

tumblr_inline_n1qerxzjyh1saahoiI embarked on my journey with Ritmo Flamenco over two years ago.

As a dancer and student, I was feeling uninspired, stifled and frustrated. But as a Flamenco teacher, I rediscovered my inspiration. I had so much more to learn from my own students. It is said that the best way to discover or master any discipline is to teach it to someone else – That was a revelation, and that is when Ritmo Flamenco was born.

In retrospect, I searched for many things. But in teaching, there was an environment that nurtured my individual talents. I craved a style that was uniquely my own, not one that emulated other dancers. I thirst for knowledge and resources different to share with my students.

Upon reflection, as a student, I allowed ego and competition to get the best of me. I made it about me and not the art. Flamenco makes demands on a dancer and chief among those demands are respect and humility. It’s not just about individual expression – It is about creating a community of dancers, where everyone can support everyone else. Flamenco is like a beautiful antique clock – It is traditional, crafted and complex. Each dancer has a part to play in keeping time and ensuring that the clock moves forward.

tumblr_inline_n1qet9hi7A1saahoiMy advice to students who struggle is to search for teachers and peers, who will inspire, listen and encourage them. Small accomplishments, kind words and advice lay a lasting foundation. Align yourself with those people. They will help unlocked the “inner you.”

They are the gardeners of Flamenco, tending to the various flowers in the garden, all equally beautiful but all very different. Work towards your own individual goal and stretch higher, you’ll reach it. Every time you do this, a new path will open and reveal itself to you.

You are part of the Flamenco clock, ticking away in time with grace and beauty. Your individual best and humility keeps this special clock running efficiently for all and future generations to share and enjoy.

This blog is dedicated to my students whom I draw inspiration as a dancer and teacher. A garden of flowers blooms in our community in Naperville. Share your story and be heard. People are listening.